Tuesday, September 13, 2011


   I have been delinquent in posting because of a new project I've been working on. It is a bit off topic, however, a friend said "post it, they will understand it, and appreciate it". I have set out with a partner to make fly fishing reels. The reels are classic skeleton reels made from brass, nickle silver and stainless steel hardware.  The spool plates are hand pierced and engraved and the foot is hand engraved. The counterweight on this reel is set with a red garnet and the knob is turned from buffalo horn.

My vision for our reels is that of the highest quality tackle one would find in an exclusive outfitter of the nineteenth century, perhaps in London or New York.  Each click mechanism is hand tuned for optimum feel and sound. Many hours of bench work and tuning go into every reel we make, making each reel a work of art. Custom design and customer input is welcome and encouraged. We are considering new models as well as some new technical ideas.
   We are P&L Reels and we look forward to exploring this new avenue, and maybe catch a few trout while we do it!
   I can answer any queries regarding price availability and specifications if u contact me at;
Title the email with "Q 4 P&L"