Saturday, June 1, 2013

WATCH No.1 A Ladies Platinum And Gold Diamond Wristwatch

 Watch No. 1 made it back into the shop for an overhaul, so I took a few snaps of it. The watch has been in service for 10 years now. 18K yellow gold case with platinum accents and diamond bezel in a ribbon motif and the diamond terminated floral swags on the sides dress bring a classicism to the timepiece. The platinum winding crown set with cabochon Burmese ruby is mirrored on the opposite side  giving the design balance and more of a "jewelry" watch look. The dial was engraved on the 12" Kenlock straight line engine and the chapter ring is applique with gold chapters.  The hands are hardened and blued and handmade. This was the only snap back case I have made to date with exception to the Ringwatch. Watch No. 1 is powered by a vintage Bulova 10BM movement. Since this first watch was made I have moved almost exclusivley to NOS ETA Movements, with the exception of some FF baguette and Unitus movements which are now also ETA. The occasional vintage movement is always fun to work with and I use them as well.

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