Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WORKSHOP TOUR - Who doesnt love shop pictures?

This is what a shop that makes jewelry, watches, clocks, gun parts, bronze sculpture and motorcycles among other things...looks like. There's actually more in some other rooms-I may post some pics again. There's the pantograph room and the the grinder room, as well as two straight line engines and another rose engine. I love shop pics, who doesn't,  share yours.
1918 Lienhard rose engine

Casting/furnace and melting room

1918 Lienhard brocading engine under restoration

Two 10mm Derbyshire and one Levin 8mm watchmakers lathe with the Dumore precision drill press hiding in the back.

Southbend 9"

Myford vert. knee mill

Watch bench

From the left, Hamilton mill designated for gear cutting with lever feed, center 10mm jeweling lathe with swing tailstock, right is the pivot polishing lathe.

Clock bench

Synchrowave 180 TIG welder

Steel and brass bench/engraving. To the right is the Harley Davidson engine bench.

On the left is the wax bench and on the right the precious metals bench.

Smithing stump

Central heavy bench
Hope you enjoyed it. I will post some more sometime..I have more. Cheers

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